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Our values

At LifeBonus, it is not hierarchies that shape how we work as an organization, but above all our shared values

Collage einzelner Mitarbeiter von LifeBonus

These can only be actively lived if they are transparent and as simple as possible. Then they give each and every one of us orientation, enable fair dealings with each other and also define what expectations we can have of ourselves and others. You will find an excerpt here:

Pfeil als Grafik von LifeBonus
Pfeil als Grafik von LifeBonus
Pfeil als Grafik von LifeBonus
Pfeil als Grafik von LifeBonus
Pfeil als Grafik von LifeBonus
Icon, Wir versetzen uns in unsere Kund:innen

We put ourselves in our clients' shoes.

Everything we do is for our customers, with the aim of maintaining and improving their health and well-being. For everything we do or not do, we check whether it directly or indirectly contributes to this goal.

Icon, Wir sind ein Team

We are one team.

We are a company that is open to new ideas and can adapt flexibly to external circumstances. Our diversity of characters, skills, knowledge, strengths, experience and interests is what makes us strong together. We recognize the achievements of all colleagues and value constructive feedback so that we can all continue to develop together.

Icon, Wir fragen nach dem Warum

We ask for the 'why'.

We always ask "why" before we ask "how". Only when we have really understood the goal can we work towards achieving it in the best possible way. Before we perfect something, we ask ourselves whether we need it at all or whether we can perhaps achieve it in a completely different and simpler way.

Icon, Wir übernehmen Verantwortung

We take responsibility.

We look for solutions, not excuses. If something goes wrong, we don't first ask who is to blame or what all is missing, but rather how we can contribute to solving the problem on our own initiative within the scope of our possibilities. We do not hide behind our area of responsibility, but are prepared to go beyond it if necessary.

Icon, Wir lieben einfach

We like it simple.

We demonstrate true expertise through our ability to condense complex issues to the essentials. After all, we love what we do every day!

Icon, Wir gehen achtsam mit unserer Umwelt um

We are mindful of our environment.

We live a holistic understanding of health and have understood that without a healthy planet there are no healthy people. That's why we commit ourselves every day to social and environmental responsibility, as well as to positively impacting the environment through our actions. We use sustainable products whenever possible, separate our waste and use digital solutions for meetings to save on travel. For unavoidable flights, we offset our emissions and thus support sustainable and ecological or social projects in developing countries.

Icon, Wir haben Spaß bei der Arbeit

We have fun at work.

Even though we take what we do very seriously, we are still relaxed, honest and open at work. Worries and problems can be communicated openly, and our regular team events weld us even more tightly together. We achieve great things because we also have fun.

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