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App & HealthCoach.
Get the subsidized program for your facility.



Tabea Diakonie,


Facilitys that already benefit from our program. 

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Health promotion. Reimagined.
Funded by the Nursing Workforce Strengthening Act. 

The App for Caregivers

Plus-Zeichen für Kooperation von LifeBonus
Übersicht der Schulungsinhalte in der LifeBonus-App für Pflegekräfte

The HealthCoach

LifeBonus HealthCoach schaut lächelnd in die Kamera

Through our unique combination of digital and human components we offer you a concrete, effective and economical solution to maintain the performance of your employees.

With the App for Caregivers, your employees have a practical helper in their pocket that they can use at any time.

With our HealthCoach program we train your caregivers to become health coaches. They guarantee you a successful and sustainable anchoring of stress prevention and low-stress movements of all caregivers in your company.

The App for Caregivers.

Simple and efficient.

With the app for caregivers, your employees have an efficient job-specific assistant that they can use at any time. Everything else is taken care of by our team of health, training and digital experts. You don't have to worry about anything.

Better handle stressful situations. 

Perform typical nursing movements with minimal strain. 

Feedback and assistance at any time from health experts. 

Appreciation, respect and moments of joy. 

The only app created specifically for the needs of professional caregivers. 

The HealthCoach.
Personal and sustainable.

At the LifeBonus Academy, we train caregivers to become HealthCoaches. This has a long-term impact on your organization as it anchors stress prevention mentality and tilts the focus towards low-impact movements. The process ensures a constant, well-functioning connection between the caregiver app and the people who use it.


​We strongly believe in a hybrid model with both digital and analogue components:

Digital offers like the app for caregivers have the potential to support the entire care industry across the board. However, the focus is still on the human being. There come the HealthCoaches who act as the much necessary bridge between the digital and the analogue.  


​Feel free to reach us out if you are interested in our HealthCoach program. We look forward to hearing from you.

Your advantages.
Your employees will thank you for it!

Less absent days by reducing physical and mental stress.

Reduced costs of illness by strengthening preventive and health-promoting behavior.

Higher productivity through increased satisfaction and motivation.

Increased attractiveness of your company on the labor market through innovative health offers.

LifeBonus-Kunde Achraf von der Tabea Diakonie in Hamburg


Tabea Diakonie,


What our customers say.

Referenz von Stefan Warnke über die Zusammenarbeit mit LifeBonus
Referenz von Stefan Warnke über die Zusammenarbeit mit LifeBonus

Stefan Warnke
Managing Director, ELIM Diakonie Niendorf

„We can highly recommend LifeBonus Gesundheitsmanagement GmbH as a specialized service provider for workplace health promotion for nursing staff.“

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Referenz von Stefan Warnke über die Zusammenarbeit mit LifeBonus
Referenz von Stefan Warnke über die Zusammenarbeit mit LifeBonus

Dr. Ingrid Künzler
DRV Nord

„Das LifeBonus-Team hat ein wirklich innovatives und nach bisherigen Kenntnissen nach-haltiges Programm zur Präven-tion und Reduktion von Muskel-Skeletterkrankungen im beruf-lichen Umfeld entwickelt und implementiert.“

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LifeBonus-Kunde Thomas Flotow, Sprecher der Geschäftsführung Pflegen und Wohnen Hamburg GmbH
Referenz von Thomas Flotow über die Zusammenarbeit mit LifeBonus

Thomas Flotow

Spokesperson of the Management Board,



With the combination of HealthCoach and app for caregivers, LifeBonus has succeeded in developing a workplace health promotion program package that contributes to a real improvement in the health of caregivers.

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Secure your health promotion package now.

In three simple steps:


Contact us.
We will be happy to send you further information material, answer your questions and help you fill out the grant application.


Submit funding application.
Submit the signed grant application to your chosen health insurance company.


Funding decision and implementation.
After approx. 4 weeks you will receive a notification of funding from your health insurance company and we will set the start date for the implementation of the program.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us here.

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