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For companies.
Help the familiy caregivers in your company.

Pflegende Angehörige bei der Arbeit am Laptop schaut in die Kamera

Not all of your employees have children.
But everyone has parents.

Bild eines Geschäftsführers, der die App für pflegende Angehörige seinen Mitarbeitern anbietet

And sooner or later everyone is confronted with the issue of caring for their parents.

In Germany alone there are 4.8 million caring relatives. Also in your company. These people have in common that they have no nursing training and they work alongside their job. Common consequences are burnouts and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

If they want to help the affected person, avoid consequential damage and at the same time interpret "compatibility of family and work" in a contemporary way, then offer the »ich pflege« app as an employee benefit.

Nothing beats immediate help.
And even better when it's simple and uncomplicated.

Screenshot der App für pflegende Angehörige, Menüpunkt Pflege
Screenshot der App für pflegende Angehörige, Menüpunkt Favoriten

With the »ich pflege« app for caregiving relatives, you give your employees an advisor and health coach who will help and inform them immediately and avoid worse.

The most important questions are answered immediately. The most common causes of illness are avoided immediately. Affected employees are helped immediately.

The »ich pflege« app for caring relatives offers everything that those affected wish for in this difficult situation. And it's simple, fast and uncomplicated.

Your benefits.
Thats why companies choose LifeBonus.

Quick help

The app can be downloaded from the App Store / Play Store and used immediately.

Fewer absentee days

The app is not only a care guide, but also a health coach for the prevention of typical clinical pictures of caring relatives.

Less costs

The app is not only more suitable for everyday use, but also significantly cheaper than analogue consulting services and online seminars.


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