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Our mission.

We help caregivers to stay healthy, ease up their daily work and improve their well-being.

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While the number of people in need of care continues to rise, the number of caregivers continues to decline. We want to help in ensuring high-quality care despite this phenomenon. That's why we help those, who often put their own health at risk to help others, and urgently need not just more attention, but concrete support. We care for caregivers.

Our values.

How we work at LifeBonus.

At LifeBonus, it is not hierarchies, but rather our shared values that shape how we work as an organization.

We are a diverse team that brings all its know-how together to accomplish great things with fun and expertise, because we really want to help people.

In all our endeavors, we always have the
well-being and needs of our customers in mind. This is part of our DNA and our holistic understanding of sustainability.

We are committed not only to protecting people as individuals, but also to taking social as well as environmental
responsibility seriously on a daily basis.

Die Werte von LifeBonus. So arbeiten wir bei LifeBonus

Our vision.

Preventive healthcare for professions in physically strenuous jobs, that is effective, location-independent and efficient.

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In cooperation with the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, we are working on an AI-based motion analysis system that supports the user in learning low-impact movements via their smartphones


We regularly collect videos of various movements to train our artificial neural networks, thus building an efficient AI system that can protect millions of people from long-term health damage.

Our work medicine.

Comprehensive service for you as an employee.

In our practice at Hamburg Airport and with corporate clients on site, we care for approximately 2,000 employees and self-employed workers from various industries in all aspects of occupational health care with two physicians and two nurses.

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Diverse, meaningful, digital:

Start your dual study program now.

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The dual study program Health Management (Bachelor of Arts degree) gives you deep insights into the future topics of health management and app development.

Ready to get started?


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We are hiring!

Are you ready to tackle one of the biggest challenges of our times?


Then we are looking for you.

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