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LifeBonus Care Pro.

For your wellbeing.

Darstellung der App für beruflich Pflegende

Paid for by the employer.
Because you are worth it.

LifeBonus-Kundin Kathrin, Tabea Diakonie, Hamburg

The LifeBonus Care Pro app is already used by thousands of professional caregivers and paid for by their employer.

We are working hard to get certification so that all professional caregivers in Germany can use the app free of charge through their statutory health insurance company.

Until then, you can contact your employer or pay for the app yourself.


Tabea Diakonie,


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For self-payers.

Access to all content for one year.

Certified anti-stress  

and movement training

Specially made for caregivers.

Step-by-step instructions

For typical care movements, such as transferring from bed to wheelchair.

Numerous exercises, workouts and audio content

for exercising and relaxing

Personal support from our experts

One-time payment for one year. No subscription.

150€ p.a.
Value added tax, corresponding 12,50€ per month.

This is how it works:
Get the app in 3 simple steps.


Download the app for free.
Please note that you cannot use the app without an activation code.


Enter activation code.
You get this from your employer or you can buy it directly.


Get started right away!
With LifeBonus Care Pro you always have your digital coach and companion with you whenever you need it. 
LifeBonus Pflege Pro App zum Download im Apple App Store
LifeBonus Pflege Pro App zum Download im Google Play Store

Do you have questions?

You will find answers here.

Is it possible for my employer to cover the cost for me?

There is no obligation for the employer to cover the costs. However, it is possible to promote the app at the facility, i.e. to tell the employer about it. If you are interested in further information or support, please contact us here.

What do I get for the money?

When you purchase the complete package, you get access to all of the app's content: movement and stress management training, exclusive audio content, exercises for exercising and relaxing, and step-by-step instructions on typical care movements. Personal support from our experts is also included in the price.

What is special about the app?

LifeBonus has developed a program specially tailored to caregivers and has already been using it successfully in around 30 caregiving facilities since 2020. The program consists of low-impact movements for everyday care and care-specific stress management. Since 2021, caregivers have been able to access this training content and other helpful exercises via the app for professional caregivers and can now also purchase them individually. We ensure that users are always supported by our trained trainers via a messenger in the app.

How long is the license valid?

After purchasing the license, it is valid for one year (365 days). By the end of the year, the license expires. When purchasing the license, no subscription is concluded, i.e. it is not automatically renewed.

Legal basis:
Even if no subscription is taken out at the time of purchase, it may be necessary to terminate the license before the end of the year (performance period).
Click here for extraordinary termination.

What are the technical requirements for the app?

The LifeBonus app is compatible with the operating systems IOS 14 or newer and Android 10 or newer.

To be able to use the offer to its full extent, the app and the operating system of the respective cell phone must be updated continuously.

The use of the LifeBonus app is only possible to a limited extent without a stable internet connection.

At least 270 MB for IOS and 350 MB for Android are required for the installation. This figure may vary depending on the model and operating system.

Still have questions?

Contact us here.

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