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Stefan Warnke  der Geschäftsführer von ELIM Diakonie GmbH und Kunde von LifeBonus

Stefan Warnke

Managing Director,

ELIM Diakonie GmbH

»After the collaboration, we see ourselves confirmed in our assessment at the time of the support effect of the LifeBonus programs.«

Since October 2020, LifeBonus Gesundheitsmanagement GmbH has been supporting the caregivers in our three senior centers and three outpatient services "ELIM mobil" with its job-specific BGF programs. The focus is on reducing strain on the musculoskeletal system by improving the quality of movement and reducing the perception of stress through appropriate stress management techniques. 

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We launched the programs in the midst of the Corona pandemic to help our employees, who are particularly under a lot of stress at the moment, protect their own health. We felt this was feasible seeing that the programs offered by LifeBonus are integrated into the day-to-day work of caregivers and training times can be adapted to fit their duty schedules.

After the first six months of intensive collaborative work, we found ourselves in a strengthened position at the time of our assessment on the supportive effect of Lifebonus Programs. I receive a lot of positive, grateful feedback from the workforce and am really impressed by the good, flexible and professional collaboration with the LifeBonus management. It's really fun. The LifeBonus employees on site know how to adapt to the changing situations in the facilities again and again. This is imperative, especially in current times, but by no means self-evident.

The costs of the LifeBonus programs are reimbursed by the health insurance companies within the framework of the Nursing Staff Strengthening Act, and LifeBonus provided us with competent support in applying for the corresponding subsidies. As a result, our employees receive an effective, efficient and innovative health promotion program that is virtually cost-free for our company.

We can highly recommend LifeBonus Gesundheitsmanagement GmbH as a specialized service provider for workplace health promotion for caregivers.

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»Das Konzept von LifeBonus und dessen praktische Umsetzung haben uns überzeugt.«

Das LifeBonus-Team hat ein wirklich innovatives und nach bisherigen Kenntnissen nachhaltiges Programm zur Prävention und Reduktion von Muskel-Skelett-Erkrankungen (MSE) im beruflichen Umfeld entwickelt und implementiert. Seit Anfang 2018 fördert die Deutsche Renten-versicherung Nord das „DRV Nord Pilot-Präventionszentrum“, das im Rahmen des Modellprojektes „JobSimulator“ stattfindet. In dem Projekt werden die folgenden Ziele verfolgt:

Dr. Ingrid Künzler ist Geschäftsführerin der Deutsche Rentenversicherung Nord und Kundin von LifeBonus

Dr. Ingrid Künzler

Deutsche Rentenv
ersicherung Nord

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  • Practical examination/testing of the feasibility of implementing holistic prevention services and their framework conditions according to the prevention guidelines of the Deutschen Rentenversicherung in the company environment with regard to content design and feasibility in terms of time.

  • Sustainable reduction in musculoskeletal disease-based absenteeism among ground handling employees at Hamburg Airport

  • Development of marketable concepts for transferring the findings from the JobSimulator project to other industries

The concept of LifeBonus and its practical implementation convinced us. We consider it conceivable that the concept could also be transferred to other sectors, such as the construction industry. We will watch the further development with interest and look forward to further cooperation.

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Thomas Flotow  der Sprecher der Geschäftsführung bei der PFLEGEN & WOHNEN HAMBURG GmbH und Kunde von LifeBonus

Thomas Flotow

Spokesperson of the Management Board,


»The LifeBonus approach of qualifying nurses as in-house health coaches surprised and convinced us.«

Workplace health promotion has been on the agenda of almost all organizations for many years, as it promises relief for employees and is at the same time an important component of employer branding. There are many such offers, but after a short period of time, employees often become tired of using the offered measures, especially if the trainers who accompanied the introduction are no longer available in the company (with the same frequency). Perhaps a new approach will then follow, which with a similar half-life will not bring any significant improvement.

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Based on these past experiences, we were skeptical when LifeBonus approached us in early 2021 to introduce their hybrid health promotion program. This skepticism quickly abated / went away / tapered off, because what was presented to us was a genuine, radical innovation in workplace health promotion. Workplace health promotion redefined! At last, a service provider has understood how to correctly identify caregiver-specific stresses in the physical and mental aspects, translate them into effective education and training programs, and even transfer them into an app.

We were also surprised and convinced by the LifeBonus approach of qualifying caregivers as in-house health coaches. In our opinion, this so-called "HealthCoach" has the potential to establish itself as a permanent function in the German caregiving landscape!


With the combination of HealthCoach and app for caregivers, LifeBonus has succeeded in developing a BGF program package that contributes to a real improvement in the health of caregivers. This enabled PFLEGEN & WOHNEN HAMBURG to effectively limit the additional stresses that occurred during the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, delays also had to be accepted, as other priorities were in focus, especially in times of outbreaks. But even in these periods, the program did not come to a standstill and provided sustained support for employees. That too seems remarkable to us.


In February 2022, after a nine-month project period now, we look forward to continue working with the LifeBonus team, their programs and products with great joy and confidence!

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»We look forward to further collaboration with LifeBonus so that as many physically challenged employees as possible can benefit from the JobSimulator concept.« 

BG Verkehr has followed and supported the creation, implementation and evaluation of the workplace health promotion programs in Hamburg Airport's Ground Handling business unit since 2013. Due to the great success of the JobSimulator project for baggage loaders, we further expanded our support in 2017.

Helge Homann  der Leiter Referat Luftfahrt der BG Verkehr und Kunde von LifeBonus

Helge Homann

Head of the aviation department of

BG Verkehr

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We are pleased that, with the support of other social insurance providers such as Techniker Krankenkasse and Deutsche Rentenversicherung Nord, the economic and political foundation has been laid for expanding the program to other industries.

BG Verkehr sees great potential in the JobSimulator. It is a simple, compact and economical system for the effective and sustainable prevention of musculoskeletal disorders in companies where heavy physical work is part of everyday working life.

We look forward to further collaboration with LifeBonus so that employees engaged in physically demanding tasks can benefit utmost from the JobSimulator concept.

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Christian Noack  der CEO vom Ground Handling von Hamburg Airport und Kunde von LifeBonus

Christian Noack

CEO Ground Handling,

Hamburg Airport

»With LifeBonus we have a responsible, competent and innovative service provider at our side«

Work in aircraft and baggage handling is characterized by heavy physical labor. We are already making use of the optimizations to the working environment and the aids available on the market to make work easier. Nevertheless, the number of days lost due to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) has been rising steadily for years, partly as a result of demographic change.

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Since LifeBonus has been jointly responsible for extensive occupational health measures at HAM Ground Handling, we have been able to achieve significant improvements in terms of reducing absenteeism and increasing employee motivation. The LifeBonus team takes care of the occupational health care of our workforce in relevant subareas, operates TRAINING SATELLIT, a training center tailored to employee needs, and sets completely new standards for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders with the JobSimulator as part of compliance with accident prevention regulations and EU legislation.

With LifeBonus GmbH, we have a responsible, competent and innovative service provider at our side who can offer us health promotion and occupational medicine from a single source. The LifeBonus team is popular and accepted by our employees - even more so, that the LifeBonus team is perceived as a trusted institution of our workforce.

The decreasing number of complaints and the resulting number of days of absence due to illness among the program participants are positive for them, relieve the rest of the workforce, facilitate personnel planning and save costs. As is well known, there are multiple factors to consider in the holistic absenteeism analysis, but we also experience a so-called "hard fact", namely a 66% reduction in occupational accidents due to lifting, pulling, pushing and carrying. LifeBonus is a trustworthy, reliable, very committed and anticipatory partner with whom we, and above all our staff, enjoy working with.

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