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Instruction manual for »LifeBonus Pflege Pro« App

Welcome to the »LifeBonus Pflege Pro« App
Our aim is to improve your well-being by showing you ways to minimize or even prevent health-damaging stress in your everyday working life. To this end, we offer you exercises for stress management and relaxation that you can integrate into your everyday life, as well as low-impact job-specific exercise, provided you work in a nursing profession, are not unfit for work and are not pregnant. We will also inform you about the use of aids, work organization and movement principles that you can use in your everyday life to make your work easier.

Purpose of the »LifeBonus Pflege Pro« app
The LifeBonus Pflege Pro app is a job-specific app for the care sector. The LifeBonus Pflege Pro app can help employees in outpatient and inpatient care to improve their musculoskeletal and stress-related well-being and thus promote their health. To achieve this, the app integrates behavioral prevention training programs as well as additional exercises to promote physical and mental well-being. The app can be used both at work and at home.
The »LifeBonus Pflege Pro« app has no medical purpose, but supports users in maintaining their health at work.

Benefits of the app
The benefits of the »LifeBonus Pflege Pro« app lie in the improvement of musculoskeletal and stress-related well-being:

1. Protection of the musculoskeletal system
2. Promotion and improvement of coordination
3. Increasing resilience and endurance
4. Improving well-being, performance and motivation
5. Improvement in support for stress management

Target group of the »LifeBonus Pflege Pro« app
The LifeBonus Pflege Pro app is aimed at employees in inpatient and outpatient care and men and women of working age (min. 16 to 67 years) alike. To participate, the target group must meet the technical and medical requirements described below.

Technical requirements
The »LifeBonus Pflege Pro« app is compatible with the operating systems IOS 14 or higher and Android 10 or higher.In order to be able to make full use of the offer, the app and the operating system of the respective cell phone must be continuously updated. Using the »LifeBonus Pflege Pro« app
Side effects
The exercises can cause sore muscles or slight discomfort. Slight circulatory problems may occur during the relaxation exercises. If these last longer or are more severe, we recommend consulting a doctor.
Safety instructions
Follow your doctor's instructions; in case of doubt, these always take precedence over the instructions in the app. Also follow the prescribed exercise and movement instructions to avoid risks due to incorrect execution.

Setting up the app
To complete registration in the »LifeBonus Pflege Pro« app, you need an access code. We will send you this access code by e-mail.
To receive the access code, your employer must be registered with us and have valid licenses or you must purchase these licenses from us.
To create an account, enter the access code and then your first name, surname and e-mail address and create a personal password. You must also agree to our privacy policy and terms of use before your account can be created.

Health questions
Before you can fully access the training content and exercises, you must first answer the health questions. These ensure safe and healthy use of the app content for you.

The questions are divided into two parts. The first part contains personal details. With this data, we can create a file for you in which your progress and health development are stored or recorded. The second part deals with your health and well-being. Based on this data, we can assess whether you can carry out the training and exercises without risk. Therefore, please fill in the health questions again if your state of health changes or if you experience unexplained complaints or pain when performing the exercises. You can re-enter the health questions at any time under Body → Introduction → Questions about your health.
Body - Training
Training the basic steps and principles
Before you start learning the movements, you will learn the relevant basic steps and principles. You will encounter these again and again in the training sessions. The basic steps therefore form a crucial foundation that you should internalize. They will be repeated and practiced several times during the training course. You can repeat and practice the basic steps at any time in the training area under the "Movement" tab.

Movement units/training units
In the movement units, you will learn how to perform low-impact movements for typical movement sequences from your everyday work. The movements are divided into several steps to make it easier to learn the complex movements.

The structure of a movement training course is as follows:
A brief introduction to the unit. This is where the movement is discussed and what is being trained in this unit.
Demonstration of the overall movement
Your trainer then shows you what the entire movement should look like at the end. The most important points for the execution of the movement are explained and which basic steps are relevant so that you can perform the movement with as little strain as possible.
Explaining and demonstrating the steps
This is followed by a breakdown of the work steps. Each individual step is explained and described in detail. The most important points are highlighted for each step. In addition
It is also shown and discussed here where you can support the person being cared for in order to reduce the strain on your body.

At the end of the unit, you will receive a summary of the movement you have learned. The four most important components of the movement are highlighted again.
Occurrence of pain
If you have persistent pain after an exercise, please take a break from the active exercises in the app. If the pain does not improve after 1-2 days, please see a doctor and have the pain checked out before continuing with the exercises.
Comprehension problems
If you have problems understanding the exercises, please watch the video from the first step again and concentrate fully on the trainer's explanations. If you still have difficulties understanding the movement, you can contact us using the messenger. Depending on the complexity of the question, it may take a few hours to answer (approx. 24 hours during the week). Please be patient until you receive an answer.
Body - Collection of movements (lexicon)
All movements can be viewed again in the collection of movements. Each movement is shown here as an animation in which the essential key points of each movement are explained once again.

Body - Exercises
We have put together a selection of exercises that you can do. You can find these exercises in the "Body" section. You can do these exercises at any time. What exactly you need (e.g. a chair or a wall) is explained at the beginning of each video.
Mind - training

The Mind section includes several training units that deal with various topics related to stress management, such as self-management, conflict management, sleep and leisure activities or relaxation. They include both video and audio files to provide you with a variety of content. Once you have completed a unit, the next unit is automatically unlocked.
In the overview you will find audio files on various relaxation exercises to reduce your stress levels and strengthen your body awareness. To start an audio file, press on the card of the desired unit. You can then put your cell phone aside and concentrate on the sound.
concentrate on the sound. If you like, you can also lock your cell phone. Please note, however, that the app should remain open so that the sound continues to play. You can stop, start, fast-forward and rewind the audio files. You can also mark the exercises that are most important to you and that you like best as favorites so that you can find them again more quickly.

Calming Sounds
In the Soundscapes section you will find various long audio files with soothing melodies from different areas (e.g. nature sounds). You can listen to these at any time if you feel stressed and want to relax. To start an audio file, press the card of the desired unit. You can then put your cell phone to one side and concentrate on the sound. If you like, you can also lock your cell phone. Please note, however, that the app must remain open for the sound to continue. You can stop, start, fast-forward and rewind the audio files.
In this area, you can continue your training exactly where you last left off. To do this, you no longer need to return to the corresponding exercise area (body or mind). You can also start your mental training from here with just one click. To ensure that you are always up to date, there is a news feed in the "Home" area. The news feed provides you with information on nutrition, exercise and everyday care topics.

You can manage your profile data under Settings. Customize your first and last name, change your password, activate notifications or reminders and log out of the app. You will also find everything you need to know about data protection, your privacy settings and the legal notice/help section. In the "Help" section, you will find FAQs and videos on the general use of the app.
If you have any questions about the app or your program that are not answered in the FAQs (which you can find in your profile under "Help" or in Messenger), you can contact one of our LifeBonus trainers via Messenger.
You will find a speech bubble icon in the top right-hand corner of the app. If you click on it, the chat will open directly in the app. You can now write your message to us and send it, we will get back to you promptly within our opening hours (Monday to Friday 08:00-17:00). You will usually receive an answer within 24 hours.

Account deletion
You can request account deletion via your user account in the app, under Profile settings → Privacy & data protection → Delete account. We will then receive an email with information about your account deletion and delete your account and the associated data.
How to contact us
LifeBonus Gesundheitsmanagement GmbH

Flughafenstraße 1-3 Airport Plaza (House C, Level 3)
D - 22335 Hamburg

Release date: 2023-12-11

23-12-11 Instruction manual
»LifeBonus Pflege Pro« app
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