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New. Consistent. Preventive.

HealthCoaches trained by us offer a completely new function for the care industry. With them it is possible for the first time to promote effective health

of nursing staff in an economical, sustainable and nationwide way.

How it works?

HealthCoaches create and maintain the most important basis for long-term corporate success in the healthcare sector: healthy, high-performing and motivated nursing staff.

As trained nursing staff, they are experts in their field and gain the additional qualification to become a health coach as part of further training at the LifeBonus Academy.

Always with one goal in mind: workplace health promotion (BGF).

LifeBonus HealthCoach zeigt Pflegekraft die richtige Art und Weise bzgl. der Bewegungsausführung

By the way

Of course, HealthCoaches will continue to work as inpatients or outpatients in their facilities. In a 40-hour position, for example, they work 30 hours as a nursing specialist and an average of 10 hours a week as a health coach.

As multipliers for preventive and health-promoting behavior in the workplace, they act as role models for the approximately 50 colleagues who are looked after by them on average. To support their additional tasks, health coaches receive digital tools and close support from LifeBonus specialist trainers.

Who trains health coaches?

You can have your nursing staff trained as in-house health coaches on the premises of the LifeBonus Academy.

The Academy team consists of physiotherapists and sports scientists who guarantee success with their experience in the areas of prevention, sports, movement and training. Her passion is to pass on knowledge. Not only HealthCoaches, but also the LifeBonus trainers are trained and trained.

New findings from didactics, training science and movement theory are always included. Continuous further development ensures that the needs and requirements of caregivers are always the focus.

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