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You are a family caregiver?

Then get the
»ich pflege« app.

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Pflegender Angehöriger unterstützt seine Mutter mithilfe der ichpflege App.

In Germany, four out of five people who need care are cared for at home by their relatives. We want to help these almost five million people who, in addition to their jobs, are sacrificially caring for their relatives and are under considerable physical and mental pressure both professionally and privately.

To this end, we have developed an app with a team of certified care and health experts that helps those affected to cope more easily with their everyday caregiving and to stay healthy themselves in the process.

Family caregivers need more support, because without their tireless efforts, our healthcare system would have collapsed long ago.

What benefits am I entitled to?

Our care experts answer the most important questions about care degree, support services, design of the living situation and much more.

You have a thousand unanswered questions and need urgent support?
We are there for you.

Abbildung eines Tablets auf dem der ehem. Bevollmächtigte der Bundesregierung für Pflege im Amt des Staatssekretärs im Gesundheitsministeriums, Andreas Westerfellhaus, zu sehen ist

What do I need to consider for home care?

ichpflege App für pflegende Angehörige verfügbar auf Smartphone sowie Tablet.

You have decided to take over the care for a relative yourself? We help you with this.

How do I perform movements
with as little strain as possible?
What do I have to pay attention to care? How do I hold the person to be cared for mobile for as long as possible?


These and many other questions
answered by our certified care and health experts, whenever you need help.

Abbildung der App für pflegende Angehörige auf Smartphone sowie Tablet

How do I make my daily care routine easier?

The physical and mental challenges
for family caregivers are immense. We help you ease the daily care routine, reduce stress and to better deal with feelings of grief, shame and disgust.


We want you and the person you are caring for to continue to do well in the future.

Screenshot eines Videos der ichpflege App, in dem die Funktionsweise von Stress erklärt wird.

How do I get individual support?

With our new service, the personal care consultation!*

Caring for a loved one is an important task that can come with unforeseen challenges and questions.

We are aware of t
his and want to help you overcome these challenges.

* Unfortunately, the consultation can only be conducted in German for the time being.

Abbildung der ichpflege App zur LifeBonus-Pflegeberatung auf einem Tablet-PC.
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Get the
»ich pflege« app.

For you and
your loved ones.

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Darstellung des "für mich"-Bildschirmes der ichpflege App für pflegende Angehörige.
Darstellung des Pflege-Bildschirmes der ichpflege App für pflegende Angehörige.
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