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Healthy and motivated.

Strengthen the health, well-being and satisfaction of your employees.



Tabea Diakonie,


Why preventive healthcare?

But you probably already know that.


of all caregivers suffer from a reduced state of health.


of all geriatric nurses leave their profession within the first five years.


more absent days in nursing compared to other occupational groups.


full-time caregivers will already be lacking in 2030.

Source for all figures: BmFSFJ (2020):

Caregivers need support

A lot of indispensable employees leave the workforce too early, and the recruitment situation in no other section is as tense as in nursing. The nursing profession is a vocation. Nurses find fulfillment and joy in their work, and we want to strengthen this feeling and help your employees to be healthier and more motivated.

Make a statement.
Your employees will thank you for it!

Increase your attractiveness on
the job market

through innovative health offers for your employees

Reduce employee absence

by reducing physical and mental stress

Reduction of consequential illness costs

by strengthening preventive and health-promoting behavior

Higher Satisfaction

and motivation

of​ your employees



Tabea Diakonie,


The app for caregivers.

Simple. Effective. Sustainable.

With the app for caregivers, your employees have an efficient job-specific assistant that they can use at any time. Everything else is taken care of by our team of health, training and digital experts. You don't have to worry about anything.


Certified anti-stress  

and movement training

for nursing professions

Step-by-step instructions

to reduce the stress of typical nursing movements such as transfers from bed to wheelchair

Numerous exercises, workouts and audio content

for exercising and relaxing

​Personal feedback

and assistance

​from our team of experts

Always and everywhere usable

and easy to use

Much more than just an app.

We also train your employees

as HealthCoaches.

At the LifeBonus Academy, we train caregivers to become HealthCoaches. This has a long-term impact on your organization as it anchors stress prevention mentality and tilts the focus towards low-impact movements. The process ensures a constant, well-functioning connection between the caregiver app and the people who use it.


​We strongly believe in a hybrid model with both digital and analogue components:

Digital offers like the app for caregivers have the potential to support the entire care industry across the board. However, the focus is still on the human being. There come the HealthCoaches who act as the much necessary bridge between the digital and the analogue.  


​Feel free to reach us out if you are interested in our HealthCoach program. We look forward to hearing from you.

A glance at the most important

HealthCoach & App for Caregivers

How the program was created

In 2017, based on our then two years of experience as a BGF service provider, we began to analyze the difficulties and hurdles for successful health promotion and to remove them one by one.


Since 2019, we have been testing and optimizing our program in the care sector. So far, approximately 1,000 caregivers have participated. The final part of the optimization began in 2020 and consisted of two elements:


1. the digitalization of the movement and stress management training and education, and a transition to the "app for caregivers".

2. the development of an in-house multiplier concept for employee health promotion, including training and support. We call this "HealthCoach".

These two elements develop to their full effect in the team, as a hybrid solution: up to 50 caregivers per HealthCoach use their app for caregivers. In the app, they will find a complete package of target group-friendly, job-specific exercises and stress management training that will improve their health and make every day caregiving easier.

The in-house HealthCoach, who is still a caregiver with about 75% of the working time, accompanies and motivates the colleagues, and is the contact person or partner for questions about the training content or the app. He or she organizes the health promotion programs in companies.

The LifeBonus team accompanies the caregivers as digital trainers in the background and supervises HealthCoaches on a weekly basis.

The "HealthCoach & App" program is currently being used in 22 facilities and services in the Hamburg area covering approximately 2,100 caregivers. The app and the program have been very well received by the caregivers, with between 70% and 90% of the staff participating in the programs.

What is a HealthCoach

A HealthCoach is a nursing professional who acquires competence in nursing-specific health management during a two-day classroom training, a subsequent digital e-learning measure and individual weekly support.


HealthCoaches act as multipliers for colleagues and company management in their care facilities, ambulance services and hospitals with the aim of introducing, consolidating and further developing health promotion programs. They accompany their colleagues during app-based training sessions in stress management, job-specific exercises and strength training. Health coaches continue to perform their nursing duties and spend only 25% of their working time with HealthCoach tasks.

Benefits of a HealthCoach

The use of a HealthCoach ensures the continuation of health promotion programs, which normally end after the conclusion of health promotion funding by a statutory health insurance fund.


The hybrid training, consisting of a HealthCoach in combination with the app for caregivers, takes place on an equal footing, contributes accordingly to a high acceptance of the measure among the employees and is integrated into the daily routine.

Tasks of a HealthCoach

HealthCoaches are multipliers for preventive and health-promoting behavior within their institution and towards colleagues who are accompanied in their everyday nursing work. In combination with the app for caregivers, they support colleagues in learning and applying low-stress movements and stress management techniques.

Within a facility, a HealthCoach is responsible for workplace health promotion. This includes support in setting up health structures in the company or expanding existing structures, as well as designing internal measures for health promotion and prevention. The tasks also include supporting internal corporate communications with regard to occupational health promotion measures and active participation in internal, topic-related working and steering groups.

Use of a HealthCoach in the facility or nursing service

The use of a health coach can be integrated into his everyday care work as a nursing specialist and takes place in close coordination with the nursing service management. The exemplary weekly overview shows a possible use.


The LifeBonus Academy

While developing the program of an in-house multiplier for job-specific health promotion of nursing staff, we realized that no program exists in Germany that offers adequate  qualification in this particular field. Under the leadership of the experienced professional athlete and soccer coach Holger Stanislawski, the LifeBonus Academy was therefore founded in Hamburg in December 2020. Together with a team consisting of doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, sports scientists and sports rehabilitation trainers, Holger Stanislawski developed a curriculum that guarantees high-quality and well acknowledged training and support for the HealthCoaches. Since October 2021, the Academy has successfully trained 15 HealthCoaches, who are already actively deployed by their companies.


"The HealthCoach & App for Caregivers" program consists of the advanced training to become a HealthCoach, twelve months of individual support by digital coaches from LifeBonus Gesundheitsmanagement GmbH, and the app for caregivers.


All training content has been digitized by the Academy. In order to best integrate participation in the individual courses into the everyday life of the prospective HealthCoach, the LifeBonus Academy relies on a combination of a virtual course room and an e-learning platform.

The e-learning platform enables individual self-study without predefined course times. In the virtual course room, course participants meet at set times to work on case studies together, deepen topic related understanding in workshops and exchange ideas with the lecturers.

Each training course is followed by an online learning success check. After successful completion of the training, the HealthCoaches receive a certificate.

A detailed support concept tailored to the needs of the HealthCoach and his or her facility ensures that the knowledge acquired is consolidated and actively applied in everyday care and in the respective facility. As part of the 30-minute weekly online support, each HealthCoach is individually supported according to a predefined concept. This includes, for example, solving any problems that arise during the app-based physical activity training together and implementing elements of workplace health promotion in the company. In addition to the app for caregivers, each HealthCoach receives a tablet with all training documents, templates, sample presentations and much more for the qualified execution of their tasks.


In addition, HealthCoaches are personally visited at least three times by their own digital trainer at the facility, nursing service or hospital and receive on-site training.

Program content

A further three-week training to become a HealthCoach comprises a total of 48 course hours and is made up of an online introductory module, a two-day attendance course at the LifeBonus Academy in Hamburg and the online training courses 1 - 6.

The following training contents are imparted:

Online introductory module (16 hours)

Future HealthCoaches learn how to use the app for caregivers and how to use it to learn low-impact movements as well as effective techniques for dealing with stress factors.

Two-day classroom course (16 hours)

During the classroom course, HealthCoaches dive deeper into the content already taught in the introductory module and learn additional health-promoting movements as well as specific movements for working in a (partially-) stationary care facility, an ambulance care service or a hospital. Further course contents include: Supervision of colleagues in learning movements using the app; Introduction to stress training; Tips & tricks for integrating health promotion into everyday care.

Training Course 1 (2 hours)

Workshop and case studies: All about the app for caregivers - content, use, communication and dealing with technical problems.

Training course 2 (3 hours)

Case studies based deep dive: Preparation, implementation and documentation of movement training and stress management techniques with the support of the app.

Training course 3 (3 hours)

Recognition of job-specific stresses in ambulance and stationary geriatric and nursing care (including movements, stressors) and how to deal with them using the app; knowledge transfer techniques (including learning styles).

Training course 4 (3 hours)

Workshop on communication techniques and dealing with resistance; knowledge transfer on prevention and health promotion services.


Training course 5 (3 hours)

Case studies: Implementation of health promotion; setting up and managing the health working group and a steering committee.

Training course 6 (2 hours)

Workshop: Methodology/didactics; Webinar: Healthy and active lifestyles - acting as a role model for colleagues

About the facilitation

A HealthCoach package includes the following service content:


On the basis of the Nursing Staff Strengthening Act (PpSG), these costs are eligible for support from statutory health insurance companies. A corresponding application for funding can be submitted to any health insurance company.


The health promotion measures at Pflegen & Wohnen Hamburg GmbH were fully funded by Techniker Krankenkasse. Due to the constructive and positive cooperation with the Techniker Krankenkasse, it is recommended to submit the application for funding there.


As an example, you will find a sample funding application in the download area. We would be happy to support you in the application process and in filling out the funding application. Please contact us!

Your investment:


  • Release of the future HealthCoaches for two attendance days in the LifeBonus Academy

  • Release of the HealthCoach for approx. 25 percent of his nursing work in order to be able to carry out his or her duties as a HealthCoach


Your benefits:


  • Implementation of sustainable and effective health promotion measures

  • Reduction of physical and stress-related strain on employees

  • Reduction in sick days due to health promotion and stress-related illnesses

  • Happier employees who stay in the facility longer

Application for funding

Seven steps to launching the "HealthCoach & App for Caregivers" program:

1. You decide on a statutory health insurance company with whose support you would like to carry out the health promotion measure and have a corresponding funding application sent to you.


2. Complete, print and sign the application form with the support of LifeBonus.

3. Submit the funding application to the statutory health insurance company of your choice.

4. After approximately four weeks, you will receive a response from the statutory health insurance company. If the funding decision is positive, you will be notified of the funding amount.

5. Please submit a copy of the funding approval to LifeBonus.

6. The already prepared contract for the implementation of the health promotion measure between you and LifeBonus comes into force.

7. Along with LifeBonus, the start of the "HealthCoach & App for Caregivers" program in your facility, your ambulance care service or your hospital will be determined.

If you decide to implement the "HealthCoach & App for Caregivers" program with the support of Techniker Krankenkasse, please use the funding application provided in the download section. We will be happy to support you in filling out the application.

Do you lack the digital infrastructure to implement the program?

Then let's talk! Depending on the circumstances in your company, we can support you by providing mobile WLAN and/or smartphones on a project basis. This way, the health of your employees does not have to wait until the digital infrastructure is retrofitted in your facility or service.

What our customers say.

Stefan Warnke-K.png
Stefan Warnke-G.png

Stefan Warnke
Managing Director, ELIM Diakonie Niendorf

We can highly recommend LifeBonus Gesundheitsmanagement GmbH as a specialized service provider for workplace health promotion for nursing staff.

Read more


Thomas Holm-K.png
Thomas Holm-G.png

Thomas Holm
Head of health promotion,
Techniker Krankenkasse

We are convinced of the program's suitability as an effective means of reducing musculoskeletal disorders in the daily work of caregivers.

Read more


Thomas Flotow-K.png
Thomas Flotow-G.png

Thomas Flotow

Spokesperson of the Management Board,



With the combination of HealthCoach and app for caregivers, LifeBonus has succeeded in developing a workplace health promotion program package that contributes to a real improvement in the health of caregivers.

Read more


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